In painting there are two main issues for me. Finding a balance between letting paint be and controlling it. The other concern is escaping the frame.

For me painting includes murals, installations and the exploration of materials, surfaces and mechanisms for display. Since 2007 I have produced ‘artresins’, objects made of synthetic, artificial resin and pigments. These obects came into being from a desire to bring paint into the world without the need for a foundation or a support, just the pigment and the binder.

Both in my paintings on a carrier as well as in the art-resins we look at the nature of painting: how paint is behaving, how paint has evolved. Paints behaviour tamed by my interventions. The resulting images emerge from matter itself.
Looking at these images we don’t know which scale they represent: the surface of a planet, the smallest cell of a leaf? Looking at the infinitely small and at the infinitely large at the same time.

The resins show different grades of transparency. In some works pigmented resin is poured in pure resin. The interaction between the two liquids brings about patterns, movement. The other objects are made by pouring only pigmented resin, you see a more dense surface, color fills in the whole form. The proces of making is not the main thing but it is an important point in relation to the final outcome.

Ilona Hakvoort, March 2011